One Of Trump’s Voter Fraud Misinformation Peddlers Is Himself Now Being Investigated For Potential Voter Fraud

Everyone who’s served at one time or another on Trump’s post-election “Elite Strike Force” was, shall we say, a bit eccentric. But none moreso than Lin Wood. All Rudy Giuliani did was rattle off increasingly deranged conspiracy theories and constantly screw up in inventive ways. Lin Wood, however, actually called for Mike Pence’s “execution.” So it’s maybe it’s not even ironic that someone who peddle voter fraud lies is now himself being investigated for potential voter fraud. Perhaps it’s just inevitable.

As per CNN, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger — whom you might remember as one of Trump’s most frequent targets in his futile attempt to overturn the 2020 election — is looking into whether Wood had voted illegally in November’s election. Wood voted in Georgia, but he told a reporter early Tuesday that he’d been “domiciled” up north, in South Carolina, in a property he purchased last April.

That statement caught the eye of investigators, but Wood told CNN that that wasn’t true — that he’d only recently registered in South Carolina, after the election. He then called the actions taken by Raffensperger “pure harassment.” (Previously, Wood had called for Raffensperger to be imprisoned for his role in one of his baseless election conspiracy theories.)

Wood was one of the pro-Trump lawyers who spent much of the last few months filing one failed lawsuit after another, alleging elaborate and increasingly bizarre voter fraud schemes. He also told Georgia that the system was so rigged they’d be better off not voting at all. Shortly thereafter, in the state’s early January runoff, Republicans lost control of the Senate.

(Via CNN)