Trump Is So Very Mad That He Has Had To Funnel ‘Vast Amounts’ Of Campaign Money To Pay His Legal Bills

If you donate to Donald Trump’s third presidential campaign, chances are your money won’t actually be going to his campaign. Instead it might be going to keeping his butt out of the clink. The former president has himself three indictments, with a looming fourth on the docket. Paying his revolving door cadre of lawyers ain’t cheap, and though he usually tries to keep stum when he uses donations on himself, things are so bad that he’s now admitting his grifting his sometimes cash-strapped supporters.

As caught by Raw Story, Trump railed on Truth Social Saturday about his ever-increasing legal fees. According to him, those aren’t the result of him doing crimes. Instead it’s a massive conspiracy involving a guy he claims is mentally incompetent.

“The Lunatic Left, working closely with Crooked Joe Biden and his corrupt DOJ, is not only focusing on Election Interference, but on getting the Trump Campaign to spend vast amounts of money on legal fees, thereby having less to spend on ads showing that Crooked Joe is the WORST PRESIDENT IN U.S. HISTORY!” Trump wrote.

Trump has never had to truly face the consequences of his actions, but there’s a chance he will with one of the multiple cases involving him. He’s already enraged Judge Tanya Chutkan, who’s presiding over the one involving Jan. 6, and who can’t help but roll her eyes and face-palm at some of the lines cooked up by his bumbling legal team.

(Via Raw Story)