Donald Trump Is So Worried About The Mar-A-Lago Probe That He’s Actually Paying His Lawyer This Time

Donald Trump does not like paying for things. Ever. As the search of Mar-a-Lago went public, the former president was hounded by reports that he was having trouble finding legal representation because he routinely stiffs his counsel. (Or tries to pay them with horses. That really happened.) Making matters worse, the Republican National Committee has refused to pay his legal fees for the increasing quagmire around the documents found at Mar-a-Lago. Trump is essentially on his own as he faces a possible indictment.

Knowing Trump’s penchant for not paying his attorneys, Maggie Haberman provided evidence this week that seemingly proves Trump knows he’s in serious trouble. His newest lawyer just got a fat check for $3 million. Granted, the money came from Trump’s Save America PAC, but that’s a very rare move for the former president who, again, notoriously loves to stiff people.

Here’s what Haberman recently told Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s The Situation Room. Via Mediaite:

Privately, he has said a range of things, Wolf. But, generally speaking, people around him have started to detect anxiety, not the least of which he just hired a very new high-priced lawyer who is being paid through PAC money. Even if it isn’t Donald Trump’s personal money, he doesn’t like parting with it if it is in his control. This tells me that there is a real level of concern here despite whatever bravado he is showing.

It’s neat to know that Trump actually paying for goods and services is up there with pigs flying or Hell freezing over. Cool stuff.

(Via Mediaite)