Trump And Marjorie Taylor Greene Reportedly Plotted To Impeach Joe Biden Over A Private Dinner Of ‘Halibut And Diet Cokes’

Thanks to being held hostage by his own deranged party, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy announced that Joe Biden will be targeted by an impeachment inquiry. The more raucous members of the GOP like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Matt Gaetz have been publicly pushing to impeach Biden. To the surprise of no one, a new report claims Donald Trump has been making aggressive moves behind the scenes to push the Biden impeachment forward.

According to The New York Times, Trump privately dined with Greene as recently as Sunday night. The two reportedly plotted how to make the impeachment process “painful” for Biden while sharing… halibut and Diet Coke? The dinner was private, but it didn’t stay that way as Greene proudly boasted about the intimate night with Trump.

Reports the Times:

On a sweeping patio overlooking the golf course at his private club in Bedminster, N.J., former President Donald J. Trump dined Sunday night with a close political ally, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

It was a chance for the former president to catch up with the hard-right Georgia congresswoman. But over halibut and Diet Cokes, Ms. Greene brought up an issue of considerable interest to Mr. Trump — the push by House Republicans to impeach his likely opponent in next year’s election.

“I did brief him on the strategy that I want to see laid out with impeachment,” Greene told the Times over the phone. That strategy involved making sure the impeachment inquiry is “long and excruciatingly painful for Joe Biden.”

The Times reports that Trump has been regularly calling members of the House Freedom Caucus, and particularly Elise Stefanik, to push the Biden impeachment forward.

The news of Trump’s behind-the-scene maneuvers arrives on the heels of a Harvard professor labeling the former president a “psychopath” over his intense desire to “lock up” Biden.

“Lacking a conscience or morality to limit his sadism, and believing in his worth above all others, leads Trump to think he has the right to destroy anyone who does not submit to him,” Dr. Lance Dodes recently told Salon. “Without the innate capacity for empathy toward others and a sense of right and wrong, Trump is an extreme outlier in human psychology.”

(Via New York Times)