People Can’t Handle The Footage Of Trump Serving A Fast Food Spread To The Clemson Football Team

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The Clemson Tigers football team thoroughly dominated Alabama in the national championship game and were rewarded on Monday night in the nation’s capital with a spread of only the finest fast food offerings this great country has to offer.

Because of the government shutdown, president Donald Trump said much of the White House staff is furloughed, which apparently includes the chefs, and as such he would be providing the food for Clemson’s celebration himself and paying out of his own pocket. Trump is a noted lover of fast food and thinks college kids would enjoy that as well and as such provided a spread of various offerings from Wendy’s and McDonald’s, served on the finest silver platters the White House has to offer.

Just look at the photo at the top of two White House staffers lighting a grand candelabra sitting behind a pile of Filet-O-Fish sandwiches that have to have been prepared long before they were arranged on that platter. It is truly a surreal scene in the White House, but one the president seemed quite pleased with, boasting about the “many, many french fries” he was providing.

Trump probably isn’t completely wrong that some of the college kids will enjoy the food — fast food is very much beloved by folks of all ages in this country — but it is a wild scene and an objectively hilarious one. Unsurprisingly, the internet was abuzz about Trump’s fast food offering to the national champs and couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all.

The use of the fine china and placing the various dipping sauces in gravy boats is especially wonderful.

The real issue and concern here shouldn’t be about serving fast food, even if it is hilarious that it’s being served on the finest of silver and china, but that there is no way it’s at a proper temperature after being brought in from the restaurants and so elegantly arranged on the table. The Filet-O-Fish sandwiches are my chief concern, as the cheese on top has to be just the worst consistency right now, and the burgers must have started to get that little orange congealed grease going on them. Then there are the salads just hanging out.

Clemson players couldn’t even believe it, thinking it was a joke when they were first told that was going to be the meal provided.

It’s all just strange and bizarre and confounding, but then again, that’s about par for the course in D.C. recently.