Trump And Melania Were Secretly Vaccinated In January And People Are Furious He Didn’t Tell People To Get It Earlier

It’s fair to say Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic left a lot to be desired. He spent much of the last year underplaying it. When he tried to do more, he’d screw that up, too, pitching miracle cures and actually telling people to drink bleach. Even when he tested positive, he felt it more important to project a bogus sense of strength. He never told people to get masks, nor did he sing the praises of the vaccines that hit the market in his final weeks. So when news broke that he and Melania secretly got dosed before he left office, people were a little peeved.

As per The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, the former president and FLOTUS were both vaccinated at some point in January, before his term ended. It’s not clear when exactly they received the shots, though it’s safe to assume they received both doses, separated by the requisite three weeks, in the same place, as doctors advise.

Trump also told people to get the vaccine during his keynote address at this weekend’s CPAC, though it was buried in one of his frothing rants, not shouted to the rooftops like his continued spreading of the Big Lie.

On one hand: good! With the Trumps vaccinated, that means we’re two people closer to herd immunity. It also means his scores of supporters, who’ve been led to find the vaccine dubious, may flip-flop. (Or not!) On the other: Why didn’t he say something earlier? Is it so important he seem like a tough guy that he’ll let people think the vaccine is dangerous, just as he knowingly misled people about the severity of COVID-19? Of course, the answers to these questions should be obvious.

But people were still steaming.

They were mad that he spent so much time calling it a hoax only to get dosed anyway.

Some said they cut in line.

And many accused him of lying to his supporters, endangering not only their lives but the lives of all Americans, who need as many people to get vaccinated as possible to return to normal.

In any case, Trump may be gone but, alas, he’s still very much with us.