Trump Tweeted A Meme About Building A Trump Tower In Greenland And People Are Just Exhausted

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Last week it was reported by The Wall Street Journal that President Donald Trump was considering an attempt to purchase the autonomous country of Greenland from Denmark. According to “people familiar with the discussion,” Trump had repeatedly expressed interest in buying the ice-covered island that lies between the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

“It’s just something we talking about,” Trump told reporters, when asked if there was any truth to the claims that he had asked his White House counsel to look into the idea. “Denmark essentially owns it. We’re good allies with Denmark. We protected Denmark like we protect large portions of the world, so the concept came up.”

However, he added: “It’s not number one on the burner.”

Yet, the president fueled rumors by tweeting out a viral meme stolen from journalist Jon Gabriel, in which an unflattering doctored image displays a gaudy Trump Tower high-rise sitting among the quaint houses in the harbor town of Tasiilaq. “Greenland in 10 years,” Gabriel captioned the meme in his original tweet.

“I promise not to do this to Greenland!” Trump tweeted on Monday evening, sharing the meme.

Not so coincidentally, just before his father’s tweet, the president’s second eldest son Eric Trump also posted the meme on Instagram with the caption: “I don’t know about you guys but I love the concept of buying Greenland.”

This latest update will surely not go over well with officials in Denmark, who reportedly first balked at the notion, calling the idea “absurd.”

“Greenland is not for sale,” remarked Denmark Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, adding, “By the way, Greenland is not Danish. Greenland is Greenlandic.”

“It must be an April Fool’s Day joke,” likewise tweeted former Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen. “But totally out of [season]!”

With the development of Trump’s latest tweet on the subject, the beaten down masses are once again trying to wrap their heads around this timeline of dystopia in which we’re currently imprisoned, and sounded off on Twitter accordingly.

Previously, Trump had been planning a trip to Copenhagen, however given Denmark’s reaction to the news of his administration wanting to purchase Greenland, the visit is now in limbo.