Trump Used The Nickelback ‘Photograph’ Meme Against Biden And Everyone Is At A Loss

A lot has happened in the world since Robert De Niro unapologetically said “f*ck ’em” of Fox News and its seemingly diehard support of President Donald Trump following Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announced impeachment proceedings. For starters, the Ukraine scandal that triggered the U.S. House’s impeachment inquiry has been dwarfed by numerous other related scandals. In other words, it seems the White House has repeatedly sought the help of foreign diplomats and intelligence agencies for political gain at home. Unsurprisingly, Trump isn’t happy about all the bad press.

Most recently, he railed against the media during a gaggle with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö. This generated plenty of reactions and commentary, of course, but it was all quickly dwarfed by a video that Trump posted on Twitter in the early evening. Ever heard of the “Photograph” meme? The TL;DR version is someone takes a screenshot from the Nickelback song’s music video — when singer Chad Kroeger holds up a framed photograph and sings “look at this photograph” — and replaces the framed image with something else. Trump’s social media team did just that with Joe Biden.

Via Donald Trump on Twitter

Trump is obviously alluding to the Vice President’s alleged Ukraine connections, but the very fact that his official Twitter account decided to use the “Photograph” meme — complete with a clip from Nickelback’s song — is what’s melting people’s brains online.

And, yes, many think it’s a crime worthy of impeachment.

This isn’t the first time that Trump has tried to use memes via his official accounts to promote his policies or attack his political enemies, but… still. Nickelback?

Nickelback is currently touring in Brazil. As of this writing, they have not issued a statement concerning Trump’s tweeted meme.