Trump’s QAnon Cult Members Are Flocking To Get Selfies With A Man They’re Convinced Is JFK Jr. (He’s Not) At Rallies

Of all the QAnon conspiracy theories out there, this one might be the least harmful one but also the funniest one. Over the past few years, it seems, there’s been a running false claim that John F. Kennedy Jr. didn’t actually die in 1999 due to a plane crash with his wife, Carolyn Bessette, by his side. People who believe this falsity also think he faked his own death. And it gets weirder, because they also have believed that JFK Jr. is a rabid follower of Trump and is, in fact, the mysterious “Q” who scribbled 4chan posts and runs QAnon while holding tight for the day when he can rule the country with Trump, like.. in 2024? Tomorrow? None of this makes sense.

Things got particularly amusing on the subject in 2019 when QAnon followers spread the (fake) word that JFK Jr. had been quietly biding his time for two decades in Pennsylvania while preparing to emerge on Independence Day. Well, it’s all coming to a head because cult members now believe that a man named Vincent Fusca is actually JFK Jr., and they’re flocking to take selfies with him. TMZ posted details of Fusca’s attendance at an over-the-weekend Trump rally. According to TMZ, Fusca is very much a proud Trump supporter, and he’s also happy to pose with people who believe he’s the real JFK Jr. deal. The QAnon cult members are eating this up, and Fusca doesn’t seem to mind.

RawStory has posted a superimposed image of Fusca and JFK, and it’s pretty damn clear that these two really don’t look alike at all when one compares facial features. Yet some people want to believe anything and everything, and as the above tweets indicate, they’re thrilled to post these selfies on Parler.

(Via TMZ & Raw Story)