Trump Gave A Deranged Speech Where He Called Mitch McConnell A ‘Dumb Son Of A B*tch’ At A Conference Supposed To Be About Republican Unity

Remember Donald Trump? It’s been four months since he was kicked off of most of social media, including Twitter, his favorite. We barely hear from him anymore, and when we do it tends to be half-assed press releases or the occasional public speech, where he mostly plays the hits. On Saturday he headlined a weekend conference for Republican donors, and if anyone who thought he might have chilled since January were in for a rude awakening.

As per USA Today, the former president delivered a deranged speech in which he railed against his usual enemies and re-aired debunked election fraud lies.

Trump’s most vociferous target was Mitch McConnell, the former Senate Majority Leader, who he’s railed against ever since he refused to overturn an election in his favor. Trump called him a “stone cold loser,” and at one point crowed, “If that were Schumer instead of this dumb son of a bitch Mitch McConnell they would never allow it to happen. They would have fought it.”

Mike Pence, too, got dragged, too, for refusing to hold up the election results, which he couldn’t do anyway. Ditto Governor Brian Kemp, who did the same in his state of Georgia.

Trump also went after immigrants. “They’re coming in from the Middle East. They’re not sending their best people,” he told the crowd, paraphrasing things he’s said before. “You have murderers, you have rapists, you have drug dealers.”

He also once more tried to baselessly take credit for the vaccines currently being rolled out, millions every day, saying it should be called the “Trumpcine.”

The conference’s ostensible theme? Republican unity.

Even after the events of January 6, Trump remains popular amongst Republican voters. A Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that 60% continue to believe his false claims about election fraud, and 65% think he should run in 2024. But for now, at least he’s no longer rage-tweeting, or employed.

(Via USA Today)