Trump Took Time Out From Spreading Election Lies To Thank Scott Baio For Showing Loyalty At A Craft Store

Like a normal human being with a normal amount of love for the president, former actor Scott Baio spent his Wednesday evening crafting a very special message to Trump. Using a shelf full of candles at a local Michael’s, Baio spelled out the words “Trump is still your president,” and tweeted out a photo of his masterpiece, which caught the president’s eye the next day. Despite having a busy schedule of ignoring the coronavirus and attempting to overturn the 2020 election, Trump retweeted Baio’s work of art along with a special thank you for the Charles in Charge star.

“Thank you Scott, and stay tuned,” Trump wrote. “You are terrific!”

Baio has been an outspoken supporter of the president and is so loyal to Trump, that he recently trashed a Happy Days reunion that raised funds for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “Here’s what I don’t get,” Baio complained to Fox News. “To take a show like Happy Days that represented traditional American values, good morals, a slice of Americana and to use that show and those ideals to promote two people in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris that condone, encourage and foment rioting and looting is a little bizarre to me.”

Baio was also the subject of sexual assault and harassment allegations from his former Charles in Charge co-stars Nicole Eggert and Alexander Polinsky. Both actors have accused Baio of inappropriate behavior while they were both minors, and in Polinsky’s case, only 12 years old. Baio has denied the allegations, and the scandal fell out of headlines after the LAPD declined to file charges citing the expired statue of limitations.