John Stamos Wants To Be Chachi In Ron Howard’s Biden-Geared ‘Happy Days’ Reunion, And Scott Baio Is Steamed

Scott Baio made a lot of headlines for his ride-or-die Trump supporter status in 2016, when he was popping up outta nowhere to talk about Trump’s taxes and raging against Nordstrom. He spoke that year at the RNC, which is one reason why Marco Rubio got roasted for complaining about famous Democratic supporters not too long ago. Fast forward to 2020, and Baio is now taking offense with the idea of former Happy Days co-star, Ron Howard, crossing nostalgia with politics. Baio’s reason for the grievance: Howard is arranging a Happy Days reunion that’s geared toward building support for Joe Biden in the swing state of Wisconsin.

As Howard notes, he will participate in the reunion, and the confirmed cast members on board include Henry Winkler, Anson Williams, Marion Ross, and Don Most. Obviously, Scott Baio won’t be popping in to reprise his Chachi role (even though he has “Chachi” in his Twitter bio, which is fair, since he even did the Joanie Loves Chachi thing through the early 1980s) because he doesn’t politically swing that way. In fact, Baio’s disgusted by the thought that Howard is planning “to use a classic show like Happy Days about Americana to promote an anti-American socialist. #Shameful.”

Since Howard’s reunion appears to be lacking any Chachi at all, another actor who became known for having good 1980s hair stepped up to the plate. Yep, John Stamos (who rose to fame for his Full House run) volunteered to be Chachi.

Not too long after Stamos’ tweet, Baio tweeted a laughing emoji while passing judgment: “This is what Hollywood has come to. #shameful #LiberalsAreDesperate.”

There’s no telling if Baio is shading Stamos here or simply casting judgment upon the whole political Left. Sure, there’s probably a little bit of him who isn’t thrilled to see anyone else be Chachi, right? Whatever the case, Baio swiftly retweeted a user who cracked a Lori Loughlin joke: “Shouldnt uncle Jessie be trying to bail out Becky?”

Then Baio essentially tweeted the same joke at Stamos: “Shouldn’t you be taking care of Aunt Becky?”

The dude sure loves his emoji. And his popcorn.

Even though Baio’s been tweeting directly at Stamos, the You actor hasn’t responded to O.G. Chachi, but he’s got a groundswell of support brewing.

2020, it only grows more surreal.