Twitter Has Theories About The Sinkhole That Just Opened At Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Estate

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Mar-A-Lago, Trump’s private club at Palm Beach, Florida, was nicknamed White House 2.0 due to Trump’s numerous weekend trips there at great expense to taxpayers. It was in the dining room there, within earshot of the club’s patrons, where Trump and staff held a national security meeting which leaked to the press, right around the same time they let a civilian take a photo with the nuclear football.

So that’s terrifying. And you know what else is terrifying? Sinkholes. And now a sinkhole has opened in front of Mar-A-Lago, reports CBS. Here’s a look at the 4’x4′ sinkhole in Southern Boulevard:

So it’s not exactly huge (yuge?) but the appearance of the sinkhole at this storied location has whipped Twitter up into a lather.

Twitter users inevitably put forward theories about why this sinkhole really exists. Some were certain it was a sign from God:

Others went a step further and deemed it a hellmouth, with some people warning that this is what happens when you play with orbs.

Or maybe it was because Trump visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

There was definitely a hint of irony in the air:

Plenty of people imagined what Trump might say about the sinkhole:

And the sinkhole found at least one fan:

While one guy was quick to point out this isn’t technically a metaphor:

But at least it offered Sean Spicer a new place to hide