Trump Staffers Reportedly Played Broadway Show Tunes For Him Whenever They Needed To ‘Pull Him Back From The Brink Of Rage’

During his time in office, Donald Trump became infamous for his ill-controlled temper.

From Twitter rants to shouting matches with the White House press corps and detailed accounts from aides that recounted his worst public meltdowns, Trump had anger issues. But according to a new book coming from former White House press secretary and the First Lady’s Chief of Staff Stephanie Grisham, those within his inner circle developed some strange ways of soothing the overgrown toddler during his worst tantrums.

In I’ll Take Your Questions Now, Grisham reveals that the administration had a designated “Music Man” whose job was to follow Trump around the White House and play show tunes whenever he seemed to be spiraling into a fit of rage. Though Grisham doesn’t name the aide in question, The New York Times reports that her ex-boyfriend, Max Miller, is the unlucky employee charged with serving as Trump’s meditation DJ. Apparently, the former president’s preferred wind-down music was anything Broadway, specifically Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musical stylings in Cats.

Trump reportedly required an aide to play the song “Memory” from the musical if staff hoped to stave off a future blow-up which tracks, seeing as he’s been issued cease-and-desist orders by Weber in the past for using some of his Broadway tunes at rallies. (Les Mis producer Cameron Macintosh also objected to the Trump campaign’s intended use of the musical’s revolutionary ballad “Do You Hear The People Sing?” during rallies in 2016.)

This isn’t the strangest revelation from Grisham’s book — that honor belongs to a story she tells about Trump refusing to go under anesthesia for a colonoscopy because he didn’t want to put Vice President Mike Pence in charge for a few hours — but it does raise some interesting questions. Chief among them: Has Trump seen Tom Hooper’s butthole cut?

(Via New York Times)