Trump Staffers Reportedly Clamored To Have Offices On The 2nd Floor Of The White House So They Could Avoid Trump Because He Hates Stairs

As more former Trump loyalists begin to expose the administration’s inner workings we’re getting a clearer picture of what the environment inside the White House looked like and guys, things were hilariously bad.

Journalist Michael Wolff’s new book, Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency, got quite a few staffers to go on record recounting their workplace experiences, and in his latest excerpt, we learned that most of the people serving under Trump preferred to avoid him… like the plague. No, really. According to Wolff’s reporting, everyone from KellyAnne Conway to Stephen Miller purposefully chose to have their offices on the second floor because, and we’re paraphrasing here, Trump hates taking the stairs.

He hates them so much that those hoping for a bit of separation from the reality TV tyrant — who was known for throwing temper tantrums on the regular — decided to eschew setting up camp outside the Oval for a second floor Trump-free oasis.

“Working on the second floor of the West Wing allowed aides to avoid dealing with former President Donald Trump because he never walked up the stairs to get to the upper floor,” Business Insider reported, citing key details from Wolff’s book.

Aides who resided on the second floor apparently knew that, in doing so, it “meant a degree of exclusion but also protection,” for “Trump would never climb the stairs (and, by the end of his term, he never had).” That’s one way to steer clear of your boss’s childish outbursts.

(Via Business Insider)