People Can’t Stop Laughing At This Trump Supporter’s Massive Plate Of Eggs On Fox News

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PARTY-POOPING UPDATE: The sunny-side-up feast has been flagged as FAKE NEWS.

We’re nearly halfway into 2019 and the 2020 presidential race is already heating up with [slides beads around on the abacus] approximately 56 Democratic contenders vying for the nomination. Hopefully, they can work it out with the least amount of drama possible however, because President Donald Trump’s ardent base continues to be unwavering in their support for the former reality star.

Case in point, on Wednesday morning Fox News moseyed on over to Johnny V’s Classic Cafe in Milwaukee, Wisconsin — an establishment that apparently serves a “Robert E Lee Special” — to chat with Trump supporters about next year’s election. To little surprise, the thing that seems to universally rile them up is the threat of socialism.

“It’s totally ridiculous,” said a Trump hat-wearing retired truck driver named Johnny. “They’re promising people everything; free this, free that, free this, free that. And in actuality if you sit down and look at it, that’s buying votes.”

A still from the interview was caught by Media Matters reporter Bobby Lewis, but something else caught the attention of people — namely the massive plate of fried eggs on homeboy’s plate, accompanied by a large glass of soda, naturally, at 6:30 in the morning.

Vox journalist Aaron Rupar also grabbed a video clip (in which Johnny says he doesn’t give “a rear end” about Trump’s tax returns) for a better view of the breakfast plate:

Politics aside, that is so many eggs! The clip soon went viral as people tried to wrap their heads around such a perplexing amount of eggs.

And then to add an additional layer of hilarity, this happened:

Great day for eggs, bad day for Ben Shapiro.