Trump Supporters In Arizona Turned Their Wrath Upon Fox News During ‘Stop The Count’ Protests

As vote-counting in battleground states continues, not everyone is thrilled to see Democracy in action as states flip to Biden. In Nevada an angry Trump supporters charged into a news conference to spout conspiracy theories. In Detroit, they’re doing strange flash mobs with pizza boxes, and in Arizona, these Trump die-hards are now turning their anger toward a target that no one would have seen coming a week ago. They also don’t seem to realize that if the count was stopped right now, Biden would get to 270 pretty fast.

MSNBC footage shot outside the Maricopa, Arizona vote-counting center showed a MAGA mob that was collectively furious that the state might not go to their guy. They seem to be blaming Trump’s (formerly-)favorite cable-news network, Fox News, which made the unanticipated move of calling Arizona for Biden on Tuesday night.

Yes, “they’re actually chanting Fox News Sucks.”

As the New York Times reported, the Trump campaign fired off a series of angry phone calls over Fox News’ Arizona determination, one that caused some on-air venting from Tucker Carlson while he spoke with Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, although Tucker also believes that Trump has no one to blame but himself for potentially losing this election. Now, Fox News finds them in the strange position of reporting the potential downfall of the candidate that they helped to elevate. Then again, when that candidate is acting like an unhinged authoritarian, one can certainly understand the need to distance.

Who knows what will happen, though? Even though Biden’s leading the electoral college at this moment, Arizona’s still counting votes, as are Nevada and Georgia, and yep, 2020 continues to be an unpredictable beast.