Trump’s New Shady Social Media Platform Has Already Been Knocked Offline By Pranksters And Hackers

On Wednesday, Donald Trump announced his new social media network, Truth Social, which seemed to finally capitalize on his long-simmering threat to build his own media company after getting banned from Twitter and Facebook in the aftermath of the January 6 insurrection. However, like all things Trump, Truth Social is already a flaming disaster.

Despite Trump revealing the platform on Wednesday evening, a beta version isn’t supposed to launch until November. However, hackers quickly noticed that the site is already allowing people to sign-up for logins through an unadvertised URL, and soon, the site was flooded with people snatching up tags like @donaldtrump, @realdonaldjtrump, @mikepence, etc. So you can already see the problem there.

After being flooded by trolls, Truth Social is now reportedly offline and has suspended any new accounts made since Trump’s announcement. Via The Daily Dot:

Attempts to sign in returned an error notice that said, “You can no longer use your account, and your profile and other data are no longer accessible. You can still login to request a backup of your data until the data is fully removed, but we will retain some data to prevent you evading the suspension.”

Truth Social is also experiencing another more serious hiccup as news of its imminent launch went wide. Venture capital investors were reportedly surprised to learn that Trump would be personally involved with the new social media company. Given Trump’s history with social media involves sparking an attack on the U.S. Capitol building, there are understandable concerns about their $300 million investment, which is already being mercilessly mocked for going offline.

(Via The Daily Dot)