A Trump Staffer Claimed He Had No Way Of Addressing The Nation Since His Social Media Ban, And People Had Some Suggestions

It’s been over a week since outgoing president Donald Trump was either permanently banned or had his access limited by the majority of social media services, and it really has made a difference. There’s less furious and scary tweets from the person who has the nuclear codes, while election misinformation has dropped a whopping 73 percent — thanks not only to his removal but the removal of tons of QAnon and other conspiracy theorists as well. But there’s one person who’s not happy: Donald Trump. And according to one of his spokespersons, he believes he now has no way of communicating with the general public.

“I can’t believe I’m writing this,” tweeted CNN’s Ana Cabrera. “Campaign spokesperson Hogan Gidley claims on Fox News President Trump can’t denounce Capitol attack more because he doesn’t have a platform. ‘(He) can’t say anything because the platforms have removed him,’ Gidley says.”

A couple things: First, he did denounce them, in a video released by the White House YouTube account during the week, and he even managed to do it while not also repeating baseless voter fraud allegations. Second, there are other ways the President on the United States can address the nation that don’t involve tweets. In fact, many people had some sound suggestions:

Others found even this hard to believe.

And others wondered how 40-plus presidents managed to address their people in pre-internet or even social media times.