Sad Trump Bailed On The White House Holiday Party At The Last Minute After Getting Squashed By The Supreme Court

Holiday parties aren’t happening this year, or at least they’re not supposed to. There’s bound to be plenty who throw one anyway, pandemic be damned. One soiree that did happen was, of course, the one at the White House. On Friday, the place where dozens of high ranking officials have caught COVID-19 threw their big annual Christmas shindig. That’s no surprise; even those who have tested positive think throwing parties right now is no big deal. But there was one person who didn’t show up: outgoing president Donald J. Trump.

According to The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, 45 was a no-show at his own party. No, he wasn’t concerned about spreading a virus that is now claiming over 3,000 American lives a day. He was just sad. He reportedly stayed in his bedroom, like a spoiled kid who refuses to attend his own birthday party.

Mind you, he had a pretty good reason to be bummed out. On Friday night, the Supreme Court again shot down a lawsuit seeking to throw out votes in four battleground states, in his approximately 3,000th attempt to overturn the election that went to Joe Biden. Just three days prior, a similar lawsuit — one from Pennsylvania Republicans, seeking to invalidate votes by their own constituents — met much the same fate, being tossed out with record speed.

Adding insult to injury, three of those justices were Trump appointees. The president has been brazenly vocal about hoping a newly Republican-leaning court, pushed to the conservative side by new member Amy Coney Barrett, would do his bidding. So far they have not. In fact, they won’t even give these dodgy lawsuits the time of day, much to the anger of Trumpist circles.

And so the man who has fanned the flames of the age-old “War on Christmas” skipped his own Christmas party to listen to Morrissey, or whatever he does when he’s tested positive for a case of the sads. Feel better, buddy!