Tucker Carlson’s New Bonkers Conspiracy Is That The Biden’s 44-Year Marriage Is Fake: A ‘Slick PR Campaign Devised By Cynical Consultants’

Tucker Carlson’s taste for spreading conspiracy theories to the Fox News audience doesn’t quit. Since his previous Hunter Biden-laptop furor fizzled out, though, he has had to manufacture some new scandal to take aim at Joe Biden. He’s digging deep into his tin-foil hat here, and what he’s dreamed up is truly ridiculous, not to mention so clearly untrue that it’s difficult to understand why he’s wasting air time this way. What’s Tucker’s latest baseless conspiracy theory? He’s claiming that Joe and Jill Biden’s nearly 44-year marriage (since June 17, 1977) is a publicity stunt — one that he’s calling “as real as climate change.”

Yes, it’s ridiculous. That would be the case even if Melania Trump didn’t obviously give no f*cks about Donald, which yes, makes it an unfamiliar sight (after four years of Trump) to see a president and first lady who actually, you know, like each other and celebrated Valentine’s Day together. Yet Tucker’s newest theory is perhaps his most absurd statement yet. It’s a baseless claim, but let’s look at what Tucker said anyway:

“The Bidens’ affection is totally real. It’s in no way part of a slick PR campaign devised by cynical consultants determined to hide the president’s senility by misdirection… No, not at all! Their love is as real as climate change! Not since Antony dined with Cleopatra in downtown Antioch — before they killed themselves, obviously — has a country witnessed a love story as poignant as Jill and Joe’s.. No, ladies and gentlemen, Jill Biden is not Joe’s caretaker. She isn’t his nurse. She’s his fully equal romantic partner. Together they are like besotted teens, yet at the same time they are the wise and knowing parents of the nation.”

So, Tucker is attempting to peddle this “fake marriage” conspiracy theory to argue that Biden is plagued by “senility” and therefore unfit for office, and that Jill and Joe have been playing this long game for… decades? C’mon, there’s not even one ounce of believability here, and perhaps most damningly, it’s a lazy theory.