Tucker Carlson’s Dumbfounded Facial Expressions Got Ruthlessly Roasted By ‘The Daily Show’

Tucker Carlson‘s perpetually confused face is his signature move at this point, so The Daily Show had a little fun with what happens behind-the-scenes to make the scandalized Fox News host look so constantly befuddled. In a new sketch titled, “Tucker Carlson’s Face Coach,” Michael Kosta plays Gavin Bancroft, the secret architect of Tucker’s nightly expressions.

“If you’ve ever seen Tucker looking like a groom that pooped himself at the altar or a scandalized baked potato, well, then you’ve seen my work,” Bancroft says before giving Carlson instructions. “All right, Tucker, gaze into the camera like you’re a 10-year-old watching a cow give birth.”

According to Bancroft, “it’s actually a lot of hard work” because, contrary to popular belief, Carlson wasn’t “born with a face that looks like an inbred boat shoe.” That said, Bancroft relishes his job as Carlson’s face coach:

It’s such a treat for me to get to work with Tucker. He’s got all the attributes a face coach could want, a 40-pound skull, a natural mouth-breather, the haircut of a drunk lacrosse dad. It’s a face that’s just made to tell old people that Abbott Elementary is critical race theory.

Of course, it also helps that Carlson comes into work knowing the assignment.

“At the end of the day, Tucker knows where his bread is buttered,” Bancroft reveals. “And that’s looking like Frankenstein walked in on his parents having sex.”

(Via The Daily Show)