Tucker Carlson’s Commentary On Maskless Joe Biden Coughing Into His Hand Is Somehow Ickier Than The Act Itself

Tucker Carlson could arguably be running a comedy show (to rival Gutfeld!), if what he was doing (spreading endless vaccine misinformation) wasn’t so dangerous. When Tucker obsesses on something, man, he really digs in, as was the case when he couldn’t stop talking about Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s swollen testicles. And then there was that time that he went nuts over Don Lemon’s cookie jar, which the Fox News host labeled as some “white supremacist QAnon” piece of regalia.

Tucker really spread the heebie jeebies on Tuesday night after Joe Biden coughed into his hand and then shook other people’s hands. Granted, this was a gross thing to do, even outside of a pandemic. Someone should tell Biden to get a handle on any hygienic gaffes, but somehow, Tucker managed to make the situation even grosser than it already was. First, here’s the cough (and subsequent hand shaking) in action.

And here’s Tucker’s response, which has him describing the situation as such: “Joe Biden breathing on strangers, coughing up phlegm and smearing it on people with his hands. That’s the real hacking scandal. It wasn’t the Russians. It was Joe Biden’s lungs.” Uh, enjoy this clip, too.

Mediaite has even more of the segment, should you desire to hear Tucker go on and on about Biden’s “gaping maw completely uncovered, spewing hot corona breath, panting like an obscene phone caller on innocent passers-by.” Welcome to the newest Tucker obsession, y’all.