Tucker Carlson Is Absurdly Warning That The U.S. Military Can’t Defend Against UFOs Because They’re Preoccupied With ‘Equality’

“Oh, UFOs! They’re spooky and kinda funny. Crazy people believe in them!”

That’s Tucker Carlson, being hyperbolic about UFOs because, if you know much about Tucker Carlson, you know that he loves to scare his viewers with talk of aliens. It’s a natural fallback subject for the Swanson food heir, much like Sean Hannity and high-speed car chases. Yet if you thought that Tucker would somehow be relieved that CBS’ 60 Minutes recently did the UFO-coverage thing — in which Navy pilots detailed encounters with UFOs ahead of a big government report — well, silly rabbit.

Rather, Tucker sounded the alarm on a grave danger, and around the 4:40 mark above, Tucker made his nightly warning clear: the U.S. military cannot handle a full-scale fight against UFOs because they’re distracted by other concerns, like equality. He aired a recent military recruiting ad, featuring a woman who was “a little girl raised by two moms,” and she speaks about how she’s “marched for equality.” She states that she’s “been defending freedom from an early age” and hopes to “maybe shatter some stereotypes along the way.” Here’s what Tucker thinks of that recruitment ad:

“I also marched for equality.” Oh, shut up. Who cares? Please stop talking about yourself for once. It’s boring and irrelevant and insulting. This is not just your country, it belongs to all of us. Your job is to defend it, please do so. It’s becoming clear they have no interest in defending it

Of course, Tucker’s previously shown himself to have a huge problem with women in combat, and in fact, he’s mocked the very idea that pregnant women are allowed to serve at all, and that stance put him in the crosshairs of senior military officers and the Pentagon, along with Tammy Duckworth, who told him to f*ck off.

On the air, though, Tucker can’t be told to shush by anyone while he rants all alone. So, he not only felt free to complain about how the U.S. military is not equipped at all to deal with UFOs because of “equality” but also for another reason: the military is weak because it’s Biden-obsessed. He really said this: “[T]he scariest risk our soldier[s] face is the possibility they might serve alongside Americans who didn’t vote for Joe Biden.” Those words are in the Fox News transcript, too, if you can’t make it all the way through the rant-filled video above.