Tucker Carlson’s Ceaseless ‘Race Lady’ Taunting Of Joy Reid Prompts Her To Fire Back Without Mercy

Tucker Carlson’s really been accelerating his antics lately, from referring to Barack Obama as a “creepy old guy” (because he’s using the TikTok platform to encourage vaccination) to baselessly claiming that smoking weed lowers sperm counts. It’s to the point where multiple Fox News staffers reportedly refer to him as a “trash human being,” and Tucker’s been looking for attention from MSNBC host Joy Reid for weeks. The issue’s a persistent one, as noted by Media Matters:

On April 28, he mocked Reid for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, saying, “Well, Joy-Ann Reid, the race lady over at MSNBC, took a quick break from haraguing whitey yesterday to reveal something deeply personal about herself on television” … The day prior, he mischaracterized comments she made about vaccine hesitancy… twice referred to her as “the race lady” … On April 22, Carlson somehow twisted Reid’s comments on the death of Ma’Khia Bryant into an attack on white people, referring to her as “the race lady” and saying she’s lived “an unusually privileged life” … And on March 8, he twice called Reid “the race lady.”

That’s more than a little bit excessive (and he also won’t stop mentioning that Reid attended Harvard), so let’s just say that Reid let loose on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, and we’ll review her quotes, but here’s the full experience.

Reid did not hold back while declaring (via Mediaite) that “I prefer my news and information to be based in reality, rather than monetizing my amygdala to keep me on edge and buying My Pillows and gold,” but she appreciates websites like Media Matters, which “watch Fox News so you don’t have to.” She fired several shots at Tucker, lambasting him for how his MSNBC stint “didn’t work out” and how, on CNN, “Jon Stewart kinda humiliated you.” She dragged him, too: “Did he say Whitey? Oh, honey, honey, Tuckums.” Then she took aim at how he appears to have a problem with her Harvard alum status: “I don’t know, maybe I’m sensitive to this stuff, but it felt like kinda like a dog whistle. Did you want to go to Harvard? Did they reject you?”

No matter, though: “You got all that Swanson money, right? Fish sticks for everybody, woo!” And she wasn’t even close to done while referring to “Lil’ Tucker” as being like “some segregationist housewife from the 1950s” who is “spouting conspiracy theories that white people will be replaced by a Democratic Party conspiracy to import non-white people to outnumber them.”And yes, she blamed Tucker for “making America worse” and essentially being the reason why she (as he mocked) continues to wear masks in crowded places, an act that she described as necessary because of the “endless Covid hell that the Tuckers of our country are keeping us in.”

Will Tucker respond? He probably won’t be able to resist.

(Via Media Matters & Mediaite)