Reporting On This Man Who Lived As A Goat Is More Than This Local TV News Anchor Can Take

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Earlier this year, we brought you the story of Thomas Thwaites, a 34-year-old designer from the UK, who — wanting to take a break from this whole day-to-day human life thing — decided to cross the Alps by living as a goat for a few days. As one does! The whole endeavor actually took a fair amount of research and preparation, and Thwaites eventually wrote a book about his experience. And now, Thwaites has even been awarded an Ig Nobel Prize to recognize his very important work of living with the goats.

The Ig Nobels are different than actual Nobel Prizes, as they are awarded to honor unusual or trivial achievements in scientific research “that first make people laugh, and then make them think.” Well consider Thwaites’s journey a success — the first part, anyway — because Maralee Caruso from Winnipeg’s CTV News lost her damn mind while recently reporting on the news. Lady! This is an Ig Nobel Prize winner, here! Show some respect!

Caruso got until: “He did it because he wanted a simpler life” before she broke down in giggles, and from there she was pretty much down for the count. “Don’t watch the video when you’re trying to read the script,” she concluded through tears. Sage advice!

(Via Reddit, Business Insider)

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