Twitter Head Jack Dorsey’s Future With The Company Is In Doubt Thanks To A Republican Mega-Donor

Jack Dorsey is arguably one of the most unpopular people on Twitter; after all, he’s the one who created it. Over the years, the social media lord has been criticized (or at least mocked) by many for not adequately policing the site, which has essentially given voice to white supremacists, abusive bullies, and those who spread misinformation. But there’s a chance he may not be there much longer.

According to a report by Bloomberg News, Elliott Management has purchased a “sizable stake” in the company, and “to push for changes at the social media company, including replacing Dorsey.” The company is owned by Paul Singer, a major Republican donor who once opposed Donald Trump but who has since, like many on that side of the aisle, come to his side.

Dorsey has been criticized by most, if not all, sides of the political spectrum, but he came particularly under fire last October, when it was announced Twitter was banning political advertising, no matter who it came from. The Guardian speculates that that’s what inspired Singer to try and push Dorsey out of his position, effectively using his money to create the political action he desires. It’s also reported that Elliott Management regularly acts as an “activist investor,” pushing to make changes in the companies to which it buys shares.

(Via Bloomberg News)