Lord Buckethead Quickly Became A Pleasing Slice Of Weird During The UK General Election

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06.09.17 4 Comments

The results for the snap UK general election are still coming in, but the general feeling is that Prime Minister Theresa May made a mistake by calling for the special vote back in April. Excitement is all around for many supporters of the Labour party, but that’s not the only pleasing sight to come out of this election. Look at the race for May’s seat in Maidenhead and the strange mix of candidates that ran against the PM and managed to strangle a few votes away. There’s a man in an Elmo costume, a representative for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, and the return of Lord Buckethead, the bucket lord from hyperspace.

It is far from Buckethead’s first run for public office in Britain — and the odd candidates are nothing new for the political process in the UK. While the US features plenty of strange choices for president, most are not given media coverage in the same way that the UK gives time to every candidate. Lord Buckethead might be the most interesting to pop up according to The Telegraph, running on a very clear set of principles

It is not the first time Lord Buckethead has stood against the prime minister. In 1987 he secured 131 votes against Margaret Thatcher in Finchley and lost to John Major in 1992. It was not clear if it was the same Lord Buckethead, or a second generation of the dynasty.

His platform was sending a message to Mrs May, pointing out the madness of the electoral system – and bringing back Ceefax.

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