Dudes Who (Maybe) Think Their Unvaxxed Sperm Will Soon Be Worth A Fortune Have Turned It Into A Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency can be a risky business, in part because of its lack of connection to any tangible assets such as gold. As a result, the crypto landscape has become a prime hunting ground for con artists in search of their next victims. Which isn’t to say that Unvaxxed Sperm, a recently launched cryptocurrency, isn’t a legitimate business endeavor. But as Vice News learned after speaking to the people behind the scenes, is leaving potential investors with a lot more questions than answers.

The idea for the company came about when the creators saw someone holding a sign at an anti-vaxxer rally that said “Unvaxxed Sperm is the New Bitcoin.” It’s a sentiment based on the belief that COVID-19 vaccination will have an adverse effect on a man’s sperm, which studies have already proven to be bullsh*t.

When asked about whether the company was indeed anti-vaccine, one developer—who would only share his first name, Jason—said no. He told Vice News’s David Gilbert that the company’s name was more of a nod to their goal of “ensur[ing] the continuity of objective scientific inquiry and the freedom of discourse.” Yet another of the group’s founders, who would only go by the name “Fauci,” answered that yes, “to a degree, I’d say we are anti-vaccine.”

As Gilbert wrote for Vice News:

To be very clear, Unvaxxed Sperm and the people behind it are not anti-vaccine to a degree; they are completely anti-vaccine, baselessly claiming that 90 percent of the population has no need to take a COVID-19 vaccine and advocating that the pandemic can be medicated with alternative remedies like ivermectin, even though the only studies to claim the drug typically prescribed as a horse de-wormer can treat COVID-19 have been retracted.

Unvaxxed Sperm launched just over a week ago and saw explosive growth last Thursday and Friday. However, over the weekend, the price once again plummeted, leaving many in the group’s Telegram channel to question the future of the coin—which trades as “nuBTC”—and whether the whole thing was simply a scam.

Fueling the questions about the company’s validity are the fact that none of its developers would share their full names, nor would they share the names of the crypto veterans they say they’re working with. Then there’s the fact that the company’s plans include what Gilbert describes as “a ‘pureblood’ version of Tinder, cryogenically frozen unvaccinated sperm, and something called ‘Project Super Sperm,’” which they (perhaps thankfully) don’t offer too many details about.

“It’s worth noting, however, that many new projects in crypto seek to draw investors in by touting a vague and unrealistic roadmap of new features and experiences like an app or a game,” Gilbert writes. “Some of these promises turn out to be part of a scam’s lure. Meanwhile, Unvaxxed Sperm’s whitepaper page (where project developers typically lay out their schemes in detail) is blank and only says ‘cumming soon.’”

Punny? Sure. Promising? Who knows.

(Via Vice News)