Dogs Share Hugs On Valentine’s Day And This One Dog Could Really Use One

Entertainment Editor

Everyone deserves a little attention on Valentine’s day, don’t you boy? Don’t you! Who’s a good boy who deserves love and candy and a nice coupon for a puppy massage? That’s right, you do! Shake. Good boy. Now… Give everyone a hug!

Imagine how much better the world would be if we could teach dogs various hugging techniques in addition to their usual lexicon of tricks. I’m not saying get rid of shake, stay, roll over and play dead, but I am saying let’s focus on hugs more in our dog training. If you were walking down the street with your pup, about to meet a neighbor dog, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the dogs just embraced each other as the humans made small talk while holding bags of poop? That’s a universe I want to live in. Or imagine one of those instances in which dogs get a little too possessive of a toy or bone – hug it out! Dog hugs all the time for everyone in every situation. Even K-9’s can get in on the hugging action with some downtrodden criminals!

However, the warm and loving act of hugging is a two-being act. If you’re all alone this Valentine’s there’s little you can do if you want to have some paws wrapped around your heart. Poor guy. He needs a hug too.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)

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