This Grandpa Proves That Using Virtual Reality Can Be A Very Hazardous Experience

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Congratulations everybody! We’ve now found the ultimate fighting machine AND he gets a discount at select breakfast joints! Thanks, virtual reality!

The clip nestled above features an 81-year-old grandfather taking the HTC Vive for a spin and it doesn’t take long for the senior to start swinging like he was fighting ghost goons. As the VR action builds, so too does the danger and somewhat terrified laughter of his family as Pop-Pop really starts giving it to the air and comes remarkably close to smashing up everybody’s brains like a disoriented cyber-assassin. It’s essentially the modern equivalent of those America’s Funniest Home Videos clips where a blindfolded six-year-old with a big pink bow veers away from the pińata station to clobber her dad with an aluminum bat.

“I set up the vive at my grandfathers house for his 81st birthday and he got a little too immersed,” notes the accompanying YouTube explanation. We also were treated to an image/subtitle with remarkable replay power. If this shot could be turned into a mural by June that would be fantastic. (With this VR chaos clip racking up over 80,000 views since Thursday, that’s not an unreasonable prospect.)

Future wasn’t kidding. What a time to be alive.

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