Watch A German Gamer Control His Rage With A Shock Collar

Senior Contributor

Many of us joke about shock collars, often applied to various friends on Facebook, but few of us actually follow through with it. Martin Rabl, though, actually agreed to it, and for a noble cause.

Rabl, it turns out, has a bit of a rage issue when it comes to playing FIFA 15, so he strapped on a “barking control” collar… namely a collar that gives you an electric shock if it detects you making noise above a certain volume. All you have to do is control your volume, and you can avoid electric shock, which rapidly becomes fun as Martin figures out that he has to clamp down hard to keep from screaming. Or, well, making any noise at all, as he learns the hard way.

Really, though, it could be so much worse. The Germans are working on controllers that apply electric current to the player, after all.

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