An Insane Road Rage Brawl Was Caught On Camera In Houston

Road rage events can be explosive, but they usually start off well before the incident on the road. One or two subjects are having a bad day, they’re stuck in traffic/are late for work/can’t stand other people, are miserable, and a small fender-bender or violation of space results in a confrontation that ends in some sort of violence.

The four people involved in the video above had several chances to just go about their day as planned, but a variety of factors prevented them for enjoying a life worth living. First, the w0man involved seems to propel the matter of a small vehicular accident into all-out fisticuffs. This does not serve her well, as not only does she not heed her companion’s effort to get her back into the car, she proceeds to provoke the occupants of another vehicle until said occupant throws a drink at her.

The act results in the woman’s companion bashing the other car’s headlight with his foot, and that leads to two men attacking him. The woman gets involved in the brawl and ends up eating a punch. In the end, she’s left crying, “Stop!” which is the same thing that she was being asked to do several minutes earlier. Fortunately, the whole thing ends in a mature sign of respect and forgiveness.

Sike! The truck reverses into the other vehicle and takes off.