UFC Fighter Matt Brown’s Former Coach Got His Comeuppance After Attacking Him In Brazil

Matt Brown has had a tough week. Making the trip from Ohio, where he trains, to Curitiba, Brazil can’t be fun. Then, he was continually antagonized by the Brazilian fans throughout the lead-up to UFC 198, which brought him to the point of flashing middle fingers to the gathered UFC fans. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, he was accosted on the way to the Octagon by a raving crowd who punched, pulled and grabbed at him. After that mauling, he was utterly dominated by Demian Maia, who finished him off in the third round.

The cherry on top of his awful time in Brazil was being attacked by his former coach, who sucker punched Brown after the event. Brown’s friend Vinicius “Pequeno” Lemos chased after him, took him down then laid some ground and pound on him before getting pulled off. He got one more kick in for good measure.

This feud dates back to 2015, when Rodrigo Botti filed charges against Brown for assault after an altercation in Botti’s gym. Botti is a black belt in jiu jitsu, and knows his way around a fight, but this act in which he allegedly punched Brown then tried to escape via nearby taxi cab lacks bushido spirit.

(Via MiddleEasy)