Watch What Happens To This Woman Who Spent 10 Hours Walking Around New York City

I had a hard time watching this video. Not out of some sort of white knight, bleeding heart, I’m progressive mentality that seems to piss people off. Instead I feel embarrassment for the men doing the cat calls, especially the one with the cane.

It’s part of the Hollamovement, an effort to end street harassment and it captures what happens when this lady walked around NYC over the span of 10 hours. I’m sure you’re thinking about this right now, but it’s not that.

When has this ever worked in the history of mankind? Did some caveman have success in the early days and set the bar for people to trip over? Why would you do this? Yes, she is a attractive female, but don’t you have sh*t to do?

Of course, if you’re choosing to sit in front of a shop in a lawn chair, you probably don’t have sh*t to do.

(Via StreeHarrassmentVideo)