Wendy’s Is Throwing Some Serious Shade At McDonald’s And Its ‘Fresh Beef Patties’

If there’s one thing none us could have expected from the dystopian future of 2017, it’s the fact that Wendy’s, a restaurant whose mascot is a friendly little girl who wants to sell you square burgers and Frosties, would emerge as one of the most savage Twitter accounts on the internet. The chain, which has been dunkin’ on fools since January, has already come for a dude who didn’t understand how freezers work (he had to delete his account, def. a story for the grandkids) and decimated Burger King when the rival brand tweeted that they sold more food for less money. (According to Wendy’s, it don’t matter how cheap your food is when it’s not edible.)

That’s already a lot of drama — and at least several celebratory drunken nights out for whoever runs the account — but Wendy’s isn’t done yet. After McDonald’s announced that they’d be expanding their offering of fresh beef patties to “a majority of their restaurants,” Wendy’s brought the heat and quick.

Here’s McDonald’s tweet:

And here’s Wendy’s scorching reply:

And also, Chris Crocker somehow became involved, because that’s what he does now, help stir up beef between rival fast food chains because you can’t live your entire life off a viral video about Britney Spears:

And then, when another Wendy’s fan (or a shill hired to set up jokes in exchange for likes and 30 seconds of Twitter fame) (dunno, anyone’s guess) asked if the chain was starting beef, the restaurant dropped the mic. (Yeah, this qualifies as a mic drop. Fight me.)

Epic burns and cheap-as-hell Frosties? Looks like this year may belong to Dave Thomas’ legacy!