This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Lost Big After Mispronouncing His Solved Puzzle

Monday’s Wheel of Fortune featured another heartbreaker, though it will probably remind many of a recent Jeopardy! failure due to how it happened. While finishing up what seemed to be an easy win for a cool $7,100 and special prize, contestant Jonny made the fatal mistake of mispronouncing the solution to the puzzle. He had the answer right in front of him, all of the letters out in the open. Only instead of saying “Flamenco Dance Lessons,” Jonny said “Flamengo Dance Lessons.”

Folks in the audience clearly thought he had it, Jonny thought he had it, but Pat Sajak did bring the segment to an end like viewers are used to. Instead, we were greeted by the “Bankrupt” siren and this face:


It’s pretty awkward from there because Ashley walks in and easily solves, earning herself $1,000 and a trip to Spain. A trip that easily would’ve been Jonny’s had it not made his mistake. It’s actually one that’s a little more embarrassing — and possibly bit more unfair — than the “Gangsta’s Paradise” mistake that cost a Jeopardy! contestant over $3,000. The answer was right in front of him and you could tell he knew how to pronounce it. He just slid into a “g” sound instead of a “c” sound and it cost him.

The loss isn’t as heartbreaking as the old man who fell short of the million dollar prize on Wheel back in November, but it is close.

Then again, maybe Jonny has a gripe?

(Via ABC)