People Are Heartbroken After A Grandpa Barely Lost A Million-Dollar Prize On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

Wheel of Fortune sucked a man’s soul today, and it was all thanks to baked zucchini. With a difficult final puzzle, Frank, a kind-hearted man who needed the help of someone named Laurel to call out his picks, used up all his sweet, sweet consonants only to end up with ten seconds to solve the two-word, 13-character question. Here’s what he ended up with:

Somehow, Frank was able to break down the second word as zucchini, only to mistake the first word as “fried” not “baked.” The kicker: solving the puzzle was worth the ultra-rare $1 million bucks. Terrible. Terrible. Look at him. He’s transformed. A healthy heating option away from being a millionaire.

This may just be a fan theory, but this poor grandpa may have lost so hard at Wheel of Fortune that he became Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad. We’ve seen that face before:

We now wish this man luck in his life of protecting meth dealers and suggestions that people no longer take half-measures. For most of Twitter, however, they’re just heartbroken that poor Frank didn’t catch a million. So much so that they’re shaming zucchini. Poor zucchini, it did nothing to deserve this. Pat Sajak is just a cruel, cruel man.