‘ID Adam’ Called The Cops On A Black Woman To Check Her ID At A Community Pool

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07.06.18 25 Comments

UPROXX/Jasmine Edwards/Facebook

You would think, in the wake of “Permit Patty” (aka Allison Ettel) and “BBQ Becky” (real name, Jennifer Schulte) experiencing massive blowback for calling the police on black people for being out in public and in their line of sight, that perhaps white people would not, in fact, just call the police on black people for no good reason. But in what’s shaping up to be the summer’s ugliest trend, we’re not so lucky. Meet ID Adam, a grown man who called the police on a black woman for using a community pool (in the community she lives in).

According to Buzzfeed, Jasmine Edwards was approached by a man while she was using the pool in the development where she lived and demanded her ID. Edwards filmed the encounter, where two police officers are already on the scene, and once Edwards proves her key card works for the pool, the police apologize to her and leave.

The venue makes this particularly charged: The history of public pools in America is also a history of racism. And in short order, ID Adam quickly experienced the wrath of the internet:

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