Who Voices Lucia In ‘GTA VI?’

The trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI dropped Monday evening, a little earlier than had been anticipated. The reaction it engendered was huge, partly because of the release date: sometime in 2025. That left fans — who’ve already been hoping for a new once since 2013, when the wildly profitable V came out — losing their minds that they would have to wait even longer still.

Details about the sixquel are still trickling out, but there’s one big milestone: It’s the first in the series to feature a female protagonist. Her name is Lucia, and she’s one-half of a criminal couple who come to the franchise’s Miami-esque metropolis. We even hear her voice. But who belongs to that voice?

Alas, Rockstar Games has yet to reveal that one. That didn’t stop online rumor-mongers from claiming Lucia is voiced by Alexandra C. Echavarri Lecároz, who voiced Warehouse Boss and Lupe in Grand Theft Auto V. Not according to Lecároz herself.

Last week, Lecároz took to Instagram to gush about working on GTA V a decade back. “This was a career goal and i’m so grateful it has been realized,” she wrote. “I never thought I’d have the opportunity of being a part of such a cool game or being the voice of a hardcore chick.”

In the comments, though, she made an important note: “I am NOT in GTA VI.”

Luckily there’s plenty to time to learn who’s voicing Lucia — over a year.