A ‘Shark Tank’ Host Made An Awful Joke About Whoopi Goldberg’s Weight, And Ana Navarro Wasn’t Having it

In what was supposed to be a friendly bit of corporate synergy, the cast of Shark Tank stopped by The View on Thursday morning where things quickly went south after Barbara Corcoran made a random and extremely awkward joke about Whoopi Goldberg‘s jean size.

While discussing the first Black female guest (Emma Grede) on Shark Tank, who will be bringing her American-made denim jeans that’s made for all body types onto the show, Whoopi joked that she’ll have to see for herself. “Will they fit this COVID butt?” she said while deploying some self-deprecating humor, which was all well and good.

But then things went weird when Corcoran loudly announced, “And when you get finished with those jeans, and decide you don’t like them, give them to me. I’m gonna make two pairs!” Whoopi went immediately silent, and you can see the awkwardness in the room in the clip below:

While Whoopi stayed silent, there was one person who wasn’t having the inappropriate joke about her co-host’s weight: Ana Navarro. While ripping up her discussion cards, Navarro fired back at Corcoran and her choice of wardrobe: “Let me just tell you something. Both Sara Haines and Jill Biden wore that dress already, on TV.”

It was pure fire from Navarro who’s never been one to pull her punches, and she certainly wasn’t going to stay quiet after that palpably bad joke.