Whoopi Goldberg Had A Bizarre Back-And-Forth With Meghan McCain Over Georgia Voting Laws

Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg had an odd exchange on Monday while discussing Major League Baseball’s decision to move its annual All-Star Game from Atlanta following the passage of the highly controversial Election Integrity Act in Georgia. McCain seemed to be particularly incensed that President Joe Biden was backing the MLB move, which she called “culture-war stuff at its very base level.”

The conservative went on a lengthy rant saying where she challenged the league to “put your money where your mouth is” and pull every game from Georgia “since it’s a racist, deplorable, unforgivable place,” she added sarcastically.

But McCain didn’t stop at baseball. Soon, her rant went on to include the Olympics. Via The Daily Beast:

“If we’re going to do this sliding scale with the Biden administration, you need to come out today and boycott the Beijing Olympics,” she shouted. “There is mass genocide going on with the Uighurs there. You have nothing to say?! We’re still going to the Olympics where mass genocide is happening, but we’re going boycott everything in the state of Georgia. That is ridiculous!”

At this point, Whoopi had clearly had enough, and she could be heard saying, “Oh, for frog’s sake,” which seems like an odd phrase. Some speculated that the exasperated host wanted to drop the F-bomb, but is such a seasoned pro, that she knew to censor herself for live TV — and maybe for some plausible deniability. Because what happened next looked like some genuine technical confusion, but it also could be from Whoopi pulling off her stealth F-bomb that seemed to quiet McCain down.

You can watch the bizarre clip below:

(Via The Daily Beast)