The Story Of Ron DeSantis Possibly Kicking Tucker Carlson’s Dog Somehow Got Even Weirder

All dogs go to heaven. But some dogs, like the one that allegedly got kicked by Ron DeSantis at Tucker Carlson‘s house, live in Hell.

In his book, The Fall: The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Dynasty, author Michael Wolff detailed the time that DeSantis and his wife Casey were invited to Carlson’s house. All the Florida governor had to do was act normal, and maybe he would have the then-Fox News hotshot’s blessing as he prepared to run for president. That, however, proved to be too difficult of a task.

“The Carlsons are dog people with four spaniels, the progeny of other spaniels they have had before, who sleep in their bed,” Wolff wrote. “DeSantis pushed the dog under the table. Had he kicked the dog? [Tucker’s wife] Susie Carlson’s judgment was clear: She did not ever want to be anywhere near anybody like that ever again. Her husband agreed. DeSantis, in Carlson’s view, was a ‘fascist.’ Forget Ron DeSantis.” At least he’s used to being forgotten about.

Carlson later denied the incident, telling Insider, “This is absurd. He never touched my dog, obviously.” Which is weird, because Wolff claims the dog-kicking anecdote came from Carlson.

“The source on this is Tucker himself,” the author said on Mediaite‘s The Interview podcast. “I just reflect what he told me.” Wolff continued:

“I don’t know, maybe he exaggerated. Maybe he lied. I don’t know. Maybe he regrets saying that. I have no idea… I think what I am accurately reflecting is his feelings about Ron DeSantis, and at the moment he seemed to have felt that he kicked the dog. I can’t tell you whether that happened or not. I can tell you with the greatest authority that that’s what he said happened.”

The biggest stories in U.S. politics over the past few weeks include Lauren Boebert getting groped while vaping at the Beetlejuice musical, John Fetterman wearing hoodies, and Ron DeSantis possibly kicking Tucker Carlson’s dog. Maybe the government should shut down. Everyone needs to chill out and, like, spend the day at a water park.

(Via Mediaite)