A Trump Lawyer Sparked A #WithFewExceptions Meme About Russia, And People Are Having A Field Day

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For most of this week, the fallout from Trump’s termination of FBI Director James Comey has dominated almost all news outlets. This morning, the president continued the trend by threatening Comey and suggesting that he kept “tapes” of their private discussions, and even though Kellyanne Conway tried to make this story all about herself, we’re going to hear about associated Comey fallout for several weeks and months.

This shall be a grueling saga for Americans, who have — so far — only seen relief by hearing that Trump hogs all the ice cream, which is no comfort at all. Fortunately, a Trump lawyer stepped in with some unintended levity, and the Associated Press tweeted out the attorney’s claim that Trump’s tax returns aren’t showing any income from Russia “with few exceptions.”

What a counterproductive statement, right? And one that was ripe for mocking, which swiftly (as MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin noticed) volleyed the #WithFewExceptions tag to the #1 spot on the U.S. trending list.

Spectacularly, the Internet had an absolute ball with this tag. Patton Oswalt suggested that this would make a great Steven Seagal movie (and possibly one that’s based upon an upcoming Tom Clancy novel?).

Generally speaking, however, people used the meme to troll the heck out of Trump. The memes began to roll in, some serious and some not so much.

What a fitting way to end the week. However, there’s gotta be a few news dumps left for the day, so the serious stuff isn’t over yet. The Trump adventure never ends!