Fans Send Love To Patty Jenkins As ‘Wonder Woman’ Becomes The Highest-Grossing Live-Action Film Directed By A Woman

The impact Wonder Woman has made on the film industry cannot be overstated. Not only did it prove that the DC extended universe still had worthy stories to tell, but it breathed life into the superhero movie genre that was starting to get stale after a dozen Marvel movies and some weak outings by Superman and Batman. Most importantly, Wonder Woman finally gave women and girls a hero they could look up to, someone strong, ferocious and worth their praise, delivered expertly by director Patty Jenkins.

Now, as Wonder Woman looks to surpass Iron Man’s box office receipts (the movie the jump-started the comic book movie monsoon), Wonder Woman has set yet another record, becoming the highest-grossing live-action movie ever directed by a woman. Naturally, fans are lining up to praise Patty Jenkins on social media.

I’ll take this moment to not only congratulate Jenkins on her important record but thank her for giving the world one of the greatest episodes of Arrested Development ever — “Her?”

So thank you, Patty Jenkins. Thanks for being someone everyone can look up to, and get ready for Wonder Woman 2 so you can break your own records and knock some dudes off the top of the movie-record pantheon.