Bryan Singer Tweets More ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Set Photos

Bryan Singer has been tweeting set pictures from X-Men: Days of Future Past, such as the batch with the Peter Dinklage picture above, Michael Fassbender levitating, and Jennifer Lawrence in her Mystique bodysuit. The four pictures Singer’s tweeted recently include references to Quicksilver and Richard Nixon.

Here’s the first one, which he called a “pivotal meeting.” It shows the Oval Office in 1973.

Here’s a closer look at Richard Nixon at his desk.

We can almost hear him ranting paranoically about Jews and homosexuals from here.

Singer also teased a major plot point.

Coming Soon has an interesting theory on this.

Two weeks ago saw the release of a photo teasing a “pivotal meeting” inside The White House. The next day saw another photo teasing Vietnam War protestors outside of a French Embassy, and today’s image brings both of those together. The director has revealed a photo from what appears to be the setting of a speech from President Nixon. The speech begins with: “Today we face the gravest threat in our history. What the world witnessed in Paris was not an isolated incident…” What likely happens at the embassy is an attack from a group of mutants, potentially Magneto and his brotherhood, and we’re willing to bet that this speech ends with Nixon announcing the creation of The Sentinels from Trask Industries.

More recently, Singer tweeted a picture labeled “House call” which shows the residence of Quicksilver (AKA Magneto’s son Pietro Maximoff).

Right after that, he tweeted, “The countryside at last” about this photo:

That’s Hugh Jackman and Nicholas Hoult in the background there. If we’re wrong, then our stalking skills have gotten rusty. Normally we can recognize Hugh Jackman from a bush twenty yards away from that coffee place he likes perhaps I’ve said too much.