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Sports bloopers

Did Florida State’s Jameis Winston Deserve An Ejection After Pushing An Official?

By | 3 Comments

Will Jameis Winston be reprimanded for pushing an official? Here's the incriminating video.

bulldogs are f ing cute

This Bulldog’s Having The Time Of His Life On A Swing

By | 6 Comments

This bulldog is having a better day than you, trust me.


Watch Bill Cosby Receive A Standing Ovation In Florida Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

By | 60 Comments

Bill Cosby got a standing ovation in Florida during a comedy set. Make of that what you will.


ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit Shared A Sensual Moment With The Yale Bulldog


Kirk Herbstreit got some big, wet, sloppy kisses from the Yale bulldog and here is that important moment.


Watch What Happens When This Woman In Yoga Pants Walks Around NYC With A Camera On Her Butt

By | 29 Comments

Here's a woman with a camera on her butt to draw awareness for prostate cancer or something.

Sports bloopers

Watch Kobe Bryant Pull Up From 35 Feet And Airball For No Damn Reason At All

By | 9 Comments

Kobe tried to play hero ball against the Mavs. It didn't go well.

#Jennifer Lawrence

Here’s Never-Before-Seen Footage Of A Teenage Jennifer Lawrence In A Shakespeare Play

By | 7 Comments

Watch this wonderful video of Jennifer Lawrence in Shakespeare's Othello.

#Viral Videos

Please Enjoy This GIF Of Shaq Attempting The Cookie Challenge

By | 3 Comments

Shaq tries to eat a cookie off his face and we can't stop laughing.

Social Media Fails

A Hotel In England Charged A Couple £100 After They Left This Scathing Review On Trip Advisor

By | 6 Comments

After an allegedly terrible night at a hotel and a subsequent bad review, a couple was fined 100 pounds. Here's why.

Sports bloopers

Your 2014 Oakland Raiders In One Gloriously Stupid Vine

By | 13 Comments

The Oakland Raiders almost got caught with their pants down at the end of regulation last night.


ESPN’s Mike Golic Showed The World His Butt And He Should Apologize Right Now

By | 5 Comments

Did you wake up this morning hoping to see Mike Golic's butt? Well you're in luck.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Creighton Player Get Beer Dumped On Him While Diving Into The Stands


This poor player's hustle was rewarded with a cup full of beer to the face.

sex stories

This Horny Couple Allegedly Caused A Traffic Jam By Having Sex In A Car Parked Outside Of A Jail

By | 6 Comments

A couple couldn't wait to have sex after leaving a strip club so they hopped in their car and started going at it.

Infamous Quotes

Nobody Delivers Quotes Quite Like Baltimore Wide Receiver Steve Smith

By | 4 Comments

Steve Smith delivered a wonderful quote about playing on primetime.


Whoopi Goldberg Breaks Down In Tears On ‘The View’ After The Death Of Her Mentor Mike Nichols

By | 6 Comments

Whoopi Goldberg reacts to the death of her friend Mike Nichols today on 'The View.'


A Polish Playground Banned Winnie The Pooh Because Of His ‘Dubious Sexuality’

By | 2 Comments

A playground in Poland has decided against using Winnie The Pooh because he doesn't wear pants.

Mr. Plow

Buffalo’s Mario Williams Helped Dig Bills Legend Jim Kelly Out Of That Massive Snowstorm


Mario Williams is Mr. Plow. That's his name, his name again is Mr. Plow.

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