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Meet Kevin Vickers, The Canadian Hero Who Shot The Ottawa Gunman

By | 6 Comments

Meet the man responsible for saving countless lives at Canada's Parliament yesterday.


Lakers President Jeanie Buss: If You Don’t Want To Play With Kobe Bryant Then You’re A ‘Loser’

By | 10 Comments

An angry Jeanie Buss gave an interview to ESPN and wow is she angry and she wants to fire some people ASAP.


This Hockey Player’s ‘Thriller’ Costume Is So Damn Perfect

By | 4 Comments

P.K. Subban of the Montreal Canadiens has the best Halloween costume ever. This deserves all the hyperbole.


Why Did Homeland Security Confiscate These Kansas City Royals Panties?

By | 5 Comments

The federal government is shutting down these panties because they it's not approved game-worn underwear...or something like that.


A Freshman Notre Dame Football Player Might Be Dating Porn Star Lisa Ann From ‘Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?’

By | 37 Comments

If this woman looks familiar to you, congratulations, you probably watch a lot of porn.

30 FOR 30

Here’s Rare Footage Of Willis Reed Fighting The Entire 1966 Los Angeles Lakers Team

By | 2 Comments

Do you want to see Willis Reed fight the Los Angeles Lakers? Like, all of them? Of course you do.

#Justin Bieber

You Might Actually Like Justin Bieber After Watching This Video Of Him Playing Hockey

By | 16 Comments

I'm not making any promises but yeah, you might like Justin Bieber after seeing this.

academic scandals

A Former North Carolina Basketball Player Says He Made The Dean’s List Without Attending Classes

By | 15 Comments

Former UNC b-ball player Rashad McCants talk about what he did at school instead of going to classes.

mass shootings

Here’s Shocking Footage From A Shooting Inside Canada’s Parliament Building In Ottawa

By | 21 Comments

Ottawa is in lockdown this afternoon after several shooting in the downtown area include one inside the Parliament building.

#Viral Videos

There Were No Winners And Lots Of Losers In This University Of Arkansas Frat Bro Fight

By | 9 Comments

A police officer tried to stop a fight between dozens of Arkansas frat bros. It didn't go well.

#Viral Videos

Chewbacca Plays Peacemaker In This Fight Between Mr. Incredible And Batgirl

By | 3 Comments

Here's a bunch of superheroes fighting on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Michigan’s Beloved Block ‘M’ Was Painted Green By Michigan State Fans Last Night

By | 8 Comments

Uh oh, things just got real in the Michigan and Michigan State rivalry and it looks like the Spartans have delivered the first blow.

Pavel Datsyuk

The Red Wings’ Pavel Datsyuk Scored The Goal Of The Year—And It Didn’t Count

By | 18 Comments

Pavel Datsyuk is a wizard with the puck and last night he did something amazing...AGAIN.


Wild Details Have Emerged From The Palin Family Brawl, Including Audio From The Anchorage Police

By | 8 Comments

We now have audio from Anchorage detailing the Thrilla in Wasilla involving the Palin family.


Alfonso Ribeiro Says He Injured His Groin Doing The ‘Carlton’ Dance On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

By | 2 Comments

Remember when Alfonso Ribeiro busted out the "Carlton" on DWTS? Turns out he hurt himself real bad.


Please Enjoy This Vine Of Kevin Durant Rolling Around On His Scooter, Set To ‘Ridin’ Dirty’


Here's Kevin Durant rolling around on his scooter, now set to "Ridin' Dirty."

#Viral Videos

A Croatian Boxer Ended A Match By Knocking Out A Referee

By | 5 Comments

Watch A Croatian boxer brutally beat a referee after a match.

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