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Here’s The Bizarre Story Of A Serial Lingerie Thief Who Was Finally Caught

By | 2 Comments

Meanwhile in China, a man stole 2,000 pieces of lingerie in one year.


Watch The Lions’ Dominic Raiola Stomp On A Player’s Leg


Dominic Raiola is a dirty player and here's proof.


Dikembe Mutombo Tells J.J. Watt, ‘Not In My House’


The two greatest finger waggers of all-time.

rampage jackson

Watch Rampage Jackson Announce His Return To UFC

By | 2 Comments

And he's back everyone. The return of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

Sports bloopers

Yes It’s Possible To Hit Yourself With A Golf Ball And Yes, This Guy Did It

By | 5 Comments

Go ahead and waste 6 seconds watching this kid bop himself with a golf ball.

Friday Sports Conversation

Friday Sports Conversation: Tell Us About Your Most Memorable Live Sporting Event

By | 38 Comments

We want to know about your best live sporting event. Share your story with us.


New Details In Darren Sharper’s Sexual Assault Case Suggest Other NFL Players Might Be Involved

By | 22 Comments

A Darren Sharper accomplice may have some explosive information about an incident in Las Vegas with several NFL players.

the view

Watch Whoopi & Rosie Get Heated Over Who Knows More About Being Discriminated Against

By | 22 Comments

Things got very heated on Thursday's episode of "The View" between Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnell.

#Viral Videos

TNT’s Ernie Johnson Dropped The Mic After An Epic Rap Battle With Nicki Minaj

By | 6 Comments

Do you want to see 58-year-old Ernie Johnson bust out some rap lyrics on Nicki Minaj? Of course you do.


This Insane Windmill Dunk In A Scrimmage Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

By | 4 Comments

There are dunks and there are homicides on a basketball court. This one falls under the latter.


A Pair Of Michael Jordan’s Shoes From North Carolina Sold For $33k At Auction


Yes, Michael Jordan used to wear Converse, and yes, those shoes are in high demand apparently.

Sports bloopers

This High School Basketball Player Jumped So High He Banged His Head On The Backboard


And that my friends is why they put padding at the bottom of the backboard.

North Korea basketball

A Dunk Is Worth Three Points: A Brief Reminder About North Korea’s Bizarre Basketball Rules

By | 5 Comments

If you score a basket in the last three minutes, it counts as eight points in North Korea. No, we're not lying.


NFL Analyst Brian Billick Slayed A Troll With A Perfect Tweet

By | 18 Comments

And here's Brian Billick dropping the hammer on a troll.

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