‘SNL’ Takes On Cam Newton Vs. Peyton Manning With This ‘Ebony And Ivory’ Sketch

Saturday Night Live desperately needed a topical sketch for Super Bowl 50, something viral that people would talk about ahead of the big game. So they went with this ‘Ebony and Ivory’ Cam Newton-Peyton Manning thing with Taran Killam and Keenan Thompson. And it was OK I guess, if you like jokes that are three weeks old: “Hey did you know old farts and soccer moms wrote letters to the editor about Cam guys?”

Stay classy Cam!

All that aside, there was a decent crack on the Peyton’s best buddy, the Papa Johns guy.

“The other day I walked in a guy kissing one of his pizzas and I actually heard him whisper to it, ‘let’s get you out of those toppings.’ Yeah, it was way bad man.”

The skit ended with Cam Newton getting arrested for giving a kid a football.

Not SNL’s best effort and definitely not as good as this NFL-themed one from three weeks ago.