This Play-By-Play Announcer Was Ejected, Proving No One Is Safe From A Ref’s Wrath

The semifinal of the Horizon League Tournament in Detroit took a bizarre turn Monday when an announcer for Green Bay was temporarily ejected from the game. The shenanigans occurred at 12:29 of the second half after a questionable foul call went in favor of Green Bay’s opponent, Valaparaiso. ESPN cameras briefly caught the referee wildly gesticulating toward someone at the scorer’s table. Then word spread around the arena.

Uproxx reader Tim Goergen was in attendance at the game and provided more information: “Yeah, he’s back. Solo radio guy. He sort of got demonstrative objecting a call. The Oakland U radio guy stood in for a moment.”

Others also noted the announcer’s return after a brief hiatus.

In 2012, a minor league umpire ejected a stadium’s organist after he played, “Three Blind Mice.” This story isn’t nearly as good or amusing, but nonetheless, still damn funny. Don’t mess with refs, boys and girls. There are dire consequences.

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