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From ‘Archer’ To ‘Bob’s Burgers': A Guide To The Animated Characters of H. Jon Benjamin

By | 13 Comments

From Coach McGuirk to Sterling Archer, H. Jon Benjamin has voiced countless classic cartoon characters.

#South Park

Let’s Remember Some Of ‘South Park’s’ Most Controversial Episodes

By | 4 Comments

Parker and Stone never cared about whose feelings are hurt with 'South Park's irreverent humor. Here are five times it got them in trouble.

bob dylan

Are Bob Dylan’s Most Hated Albums Really That Bad?

By | 13 Comments

We took a listen with some fresh ears. Here's what we heard.


Faith No More Are Finally Back, So Here Are Their Best Songs (That Aren’t ‘Epic’)

By | 37 Comments

Faith No More's "Epic" became a smash hit, but they have dozens of other incredible songs.

2015 NBA Draft Lottery

Who Would Each Lottery Team Take With The No. 1 Pick In the NBA Draft?

By | 10 Comments

There are 14 teams who could win the first pick in the NBA draft. Who would they take if they won the big prize?


Why Josh Homme Has Proven Himself To Be One Of The Most Important Figures In Recent Music History

By | 15 Comments

The Queens Of the Stone Age frontman has been making great music for nearly 25 years. Let's explore his legacy.

Dan Auerbach

Dan Auerbach’s Work With The Black Keys May Not Be The Best He’s Done

By | 7 Comments

Dan Auerbach is best known for fronting The Black Keys, but he's also proven himself to be an excellent producer.

the colbert report

Let’s Look Back At Stephen Colbert’s Best Interviews From ‘The Colbert Report’

By | 8 Comments

We've still got more than three months before the return of Stephen Colbert; in the meantime, lets look at his best interviews.


Here’s Why ‘The Simpsons’ Shouldn’t Continue Without Harry Shearer

By | 26 Comments

Harry Shearer is leaving 'The Simpsons.' Should the show go on without him? Absolutely not.

george carlin

Remembering George Carlin’s Most Important Jokes

By | 53 Comments

Carlin's sharp critiques of the establishment and the orthodoxy have influenced comedic and political thought for decades.


Why Seinfeld Was Never The Same After Larry David Left

By | 61 Comments

For its final two seasons, 'Seinfeld' soldiered on without Larry David. But while the show was still funny, it just wasn't the same.

michel gondry

Looking Back At The Brilliant Music Videos Of Michel Gondry

By | 15 Comments

Gondry has directed amazing surreal videos for Bjork, Kanye, the White Stripes and countless others. These are some of his best clips.

saturday night live

These Kenan Thompson ‘SNL’ Sketches Will Remind You Why He’s Been Around So Long

By | 25 Comments

In his 12 years on 'SNL," Kenan Thompson has quietly put together an impressive batch of career highlights.

la'el collins

In Their Quest To Sign Every Controversial Player In The League, The Cowboys Sign La’el Collins

By | 66 Comments

If there's any controversy surrounding a football player, he'll probably go to the Cowboys.

george clooney

From ‘Golden Girls’ To ‘The Facts Of Life': Remembering George Clooney’s Pre-‘ER’ TV Roles

By | 6 Comments

Before becoming a star on 'ER', George Clooney was just another struggling actor, hoping to catch a break.

my morning jacket

In Celebration Of ‘The Waterfall,’ We Ranked Every My Morning Jacket Studio Album

By | 11 Comments

The Louisville band has been making music for over 15 years now. Let's look at which of their albums were truly transcendent.

#Family Guy

Mayweather And Pacquiao Have Nothing On Lois Griffin And These Sitcom Boxing Moments

By | 7 Comments

Prepare for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight by watching some great TV episodes that focus on boxing.

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