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fun with quarterbacks

2015 Quarterback Battles Ranked By Sadness

By | 25 Comments

When NFL teams are torn between two quarterbacks, it's usually because neither one is very good.


It’s Hip To Laugh At Huey Lewis’ Music, But Here’s Why It’s Also Unfair

By | 21 Comments

In celebration of Lewis' birthday, we defend one of history's most laughed-at pop stars.

#The Simpsons

Explore Lisa Simpson’s Complexity With These ‘Simpsons’ Episodes

By | 10 Comments

It's not easy being Lisa Simpson, but she keeps moving forward in the most interesting ways.

curb your enthusiasm

Celebrate The Times ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Was ‘Pretty, Pretty’ Awkward

By | 4 Comments

Without the constraints of network TV, Larry did things on 'Curb' that were unimaginable on 'Seinfeld.'

#Family Guy

Let’s Celebrate The Unbreakable Bond Between Brian And Stewie On ‘Family Guy’


No two characters on 'Family Guy' - including Peter and Lois - mean more to each other than Brian and Stewie.

saturday night live

These ‘SNL’ Characters Helped Turn Gilda Radner Into An Icon


Remembering Gilda Radner's uncommon talent and time on 'SNL' on the weekend when she would have turned 69.

Glastonbury Festival

Reliving Some Of The Best Glastonbury Performances In Recent Years

By | 4 Comments

The Glastonbury Festival brings some of the biggest names in music, and they always bring their A-game.

2011 NBA Draft

Experts Can Be Wrong: 5 Picks From The 2011 NBA Draft Who Exceeded Expectations

By | 3 Comments

This draft proved just how wrong analysts can be when predicting the future of prospects.


Ranking Peter’s Fights With The Giant Chicken On ‘Family Guy’


The ultimate fight (between man and chicken) is remembered and ranked.

junior galette

There’s A Video Of Junior Galette Hitting A Woman With A Belt During A Beach Scuffle

By | 50 Comments

Galette had already een arrested on suspicion of domestic violence this past January.

#John Goodman

These John Goodman ‘SNL’ Moments Show Why He’s An Unofficial Cast Member


From Linda Tripp to The Super Fans, Goodman has turned himself into an unofficial cast member.


Put On Your Slightly Larger Glasses And Relive These Moss Moments From ‘The IT Crowd’

By | 13 Comments

Moss wasn't the most socially adept person in the world, but his heart was always in the right place.

roger ebert

These Reviews Prove Roger Ebert Didn’t Care About Popular Opinion

By | 10 Comments

Roger Ebert loved these movies a lot more than the rest of us did.


Why Paul McCartney Had The Best Post-Beatles Career

By | 10 Comments

All four Beatles (yes, even Ringo) did some great work after the Fab Four, but Paul's 45 years of brilliance eclipses them all.

saturday night live

From ‘MacGruber’ To ‘The Falconer': These ‘SNL’ Sketches Show Will Forte’s Weird Comic Sensibilities

By | 10 Comments

During his eight-year run on the show, Forte was one of the cast's most versatile performers.

#South Park

How Randy Marsh Became Everyone’s Favorite Weird Dad

By | 17 Comments

When 'South Park' began, Randy was just Stan's Dad. That certainly changed as the show developed.

KSK Konnoisseur's Klub

KSK Konnoisseur’s Club: Flavored Whiskeys

By | 84 Comments

Liquor store shelves are packed to the brim with flavored whiskeys - but which ones are most worthy of your time?

#The Simpsons

What If Marge And Homer Simpson Really Did Break Up?

By | 2 Comments

Homer and Marge's split on 'The Simpsons' season premiere won't be permanent, but what if it was?

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