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Keith Richards *Did* Snort His Father’s Ashes & Other Things You Might Not Know About The Rolling Stones Legend

By | 4 Comments

From snorting his father's ashes, to falling out of a coconut tree, Keith sure has lived a wild life.


The ‘Futurama’ Inventions That Need To Exist In The Very Near Future

By | 30 Comments

Let's enjoy some Bachelor Chow before we stop over at the Head Museum. Or at least, we would if these 'Futurama' inventions were real.

#South Park

From Cartman’s Dad To Black Friday: Exploring The History Of ‘South Park’s’ Most Ambitious Episodes

By | 13 Comments

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been trying complex storylines on 'South Park' long before this season.

#South Park

‘Oh, Hamburgers!': The 5 Funniest ‘South Park’ Episodes Starring Butters Stotch

By | 12 Comments

The best 'South Park' episodes featuring everybody's favorite naive little punching bag.

#The Simpsons

Every ‘The Simpsons’ Christmas Episode, Ranked

By | 15 Comments

Which 'Simpsons" Christmas episodes stand the test of time, and which ones are yuletide disasters?

christmas songs

The Only Holiday Party Playlist You Need

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These songs will help make your Christmas party a great time for all.


‘The Nerds And The Geeks Will Have Their Day': Exploring The Comedic Evolution Of Judd Apatow

By | 10 Comments

Looking at the evolution of one of the biggest filmmakers in comedy: Judd Apatow

#Jon Stewart

Exploring The History And Legacy Of ‘The Daily Show’

By | 13 Comments

A look back at America's most important fake news show.

jimi hendrix

Remembering Jimi Hendrix’s Best Live Performances

By | 7 Comments

Electric live performances from the late guitar legend.

#Fascinating Facts

R.E.M. Played The Last ‘SNL’ Of The 20th Century — And Other Fascinating Facts About The Alt-Rock Legends

By | 22 Comments

From their millennium-ending 'SNL' performance to Peter Buck's unfortunate airplane flight, here are ten facts ever R.E.M. fan should know.

#The Simpsons

Every Sideshow Bob Episode Of ‘The Simpsons,’ Ranked

By | 44 Comments

Every episode of 'The Simpsons' featuring our most beloved Shakespearean criminal, Sideshow Bob. RANKED.


Five Sports Duos That Could Star In Their Own ‘Dumb And Dumber’ Remake

By | 6 Comments

Any of these five unfortunate combos could be the Harry & Lloyd of sports.

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