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The Four ‘Futurama’ Movies, Ranked

By | 12 Comments

Four feature-length 'Futurama' films have been made. Which is the best?


Five Times ‘SNL’ Was Way Edgier Than The ISIS Sketch

By | 13 Comments

'SNL' has not shied away from joking about controversial topics over the years.

#The Simpsons

Exploring ‘Trilogy Of Error,’ The Most Ambitious ‘Simpsons’ Episode Ever

By | 20 Comments

'Trilogy Of Error' is a hilarious, ambitious episode, but it's not without its plot holes.

#The Office

These Classic ‘Office’ Moments Are Proof That Dwight Schrute Can Survive Anything

By | 2 Comments

Dwight wasn't the most friendly person at Dunder-Mifflin, but his survival skills were unmatched.


Looking Back On J.D. Lutz, The Perpetual Loser Of ‘30 Rock’

By | 11 Comments

Lutz was the '30 Rock' character everyone loved to hate.


That Boy Ain’t Right, But We Love Him Anyway: 9 Unforgettable Bobby Hill Moments

By | 23 Comments

Bobby was the the perfect counterpoint to stodgy, conservative Hank, and we loved him.


The 5 Worst Films To Win Best Picture (According To Their IMDB Ranking)

By | 17 Comments

If their current ratings are any indication, these Best Picture winners have not stood the test of time.


These Important Moments Prove Jon Stewart Is Irreplaceable As Host Of ‘The Daily Show’

By | 21 Comments

Jon Stewart has been one of the most influential people in comedy and politics for the past 15 years.


All The Reasons ‘Futurama’ Fans Love Calculon, The 31st Century’s Greatest Actor

By | 13 Comments

Honoring a great unit who was always willing to add a dramatic..........PAUSE!


Reminder: Conan O’Brien Is As Funny As Ever

By | 14 Comments

Some recent 'Conan' bits that prove Coco is as funny as ever.


Looking Back On Peter Gabriel’s Best Live Performances

By | 13 Comments

Both solo and with Genesis, Peter Gabriel is a consummate showman.

#Norm Macdonald

The Bizarre Circumstances And Shaky Aftermath Of Norm Macdonald’s Dismissal From Weekend Update

By | 15 Comments

Norm was quite popular behind the Update desk, but one NBC executive didn't care.


The Tumultuous Stories Behind The Three Worst ‘SNL’ Seasons

By | 27 Comments

The most poorly-received seasons of 'Saturday Night Live' were terrible for a reason.

#Grammys 2015

How Did They Win!? The Most Controversial Grammy Award Winners Ever

By | 35 Comments

All the times that Grammy voters sure have ruffled some feathers over the years.

chris rock

The Routines That Have Defined Chris Rock’s Career

By | 4 Comments

All the times he brought the pain, and was bigger and blacker than we could handle.

#The Simpsons

A Guide To The Many Loves Of Bart Simpson

By | 12 Comments

For a 10-year-old, Bart sure does get around.

#Broad City

‘Where ISN’T The Bathroom?': 5 Of The Funniest ‘Broad City’ Cameos (So Far)

By | 4 Comments

Some famous names have popped up in the world 'Broad City.' These were the funniest ones.

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