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In Which We Rank The Best Minor Characters On ‘Futurama’

By | 67 Comments

From Hyperchicken to Hypnotoad, this show's cast ran deep.


‘Opera Man, Bye-Bye!': Adam Sandler’s Greatest ‘SNL’ Moments

By | 10 Comments

From Operaman to Cajunman, he's brought us so much joy.


Remembering Freddie Mercury’s Greatest Live Performances

By | 24 Comments

From his epic vocal range, to his incredible energy, there will never be another frontman like Freddie.


‘It’s Non-Convergent!': Ranking The 5 Nerdiest ‘Futurama’ Episodes Ever

By | 8 Comments

Celebrating the show's love of math, science, and general geekery.

#The Simpsons

BAAAART! The 15 Lisa-Centric ‘Simpsons’ Episodes Everyone Should Like.

By | 45 Comments

These classic "Simpsons" episodes taught us a lot about who Lisa really was.


Happy Birthday To The Ground!: A Comprehensive Guide To Andy Samberg’s 20 Greatest Digital Shorts

By | 22 Comments

From "Lazy Sunday" to "When Will The Bass Drop," spanning Andy Samberg's Digital Shorts lifetime achievements.

happy anniversary south park

In Which We Rank The Best Secondary Characters On ‘South Park’

By | 155 Comments

The funniest characters 'South Park' has to offer -- other than Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and Cartman.

album covers

Don’t Judge These 5 Great Albums By Their Terrible Artwork

By | 13 Comments

Some great albums also have great album covers. These aren't so lucky.

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