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Exploring The Technology Behind The Head Museum On ‘Futurama’

By | 6 Comments

'Futurama' has thousands of historical heads on display, but how did they get there in the first place?

#South Park

Hello There, Children! A Look Back At Chef’s Most Questionable Advice From ‘South Park’

By | 7 Comments

The boys of 'South Park' often looked to Chef for advice, but did his guidance actually help them?

#Star Trek

The Stories Behind William Shatner’s Many Reported Feuds With His ‘Star Trek’ Castmates

By | 26 Comments

William Shatner was beloved by fans as Captain Kirk, but his 'Star Trek' castmates were often put off by his cocky, arrogant attitude.

Late Night with Conan O'Brien

The Masturbating Bear, And Other ‘Late Night’ Bits NBC Should Let Conan Bring Back

By | 23 Comments

NBC won't let Conan use these classic 'Late Night' characters and bits. And that's a crying shame.

#The Daily Show

Classic ‘Daily Show’ Segments We Wish Were Still Featured

By | 5 Comments

Steve Carell. Stephen Colbert. The best of the early days of 'The Daily Show.'

#SXSW 2015

Brian Wilson Live Performances Everyone Should Watch

By | 3 Comments

Brian Wilson has been making brilliant music for over 50 years. With the new biopic 'Love And Mercy' debuting at SXSW, let's look back at some of his finest live clips.

#Parks And Recreation

Chris Traeger ‘Parks And Recreation’ Moments That Were *Literally* The Best

By | 3 Comments

A tribute to *literally* the most enthusiastic character in television history.


Sterling Archer Lines That Can Get You Out Of Any Situation

By | 9 Comments

Proof that Sterling Archer has a one-liner for ANY situation.

#The Simpsons

Every Tragic Misfortune In ‘The Simpsons’ Classic ‘Homer At The Bat,’ Ranked

By | 18 Comments

There were some severe misfortunes int he episode, but which was the worst of all?


Abed The Undiagnosable: Exploring The Theory That The ‘Community’ Character Has Asperger’s Syndrome

By | 30 Comments

In the 'Community' pilot, Jeff Wimger told Abed Nadir he had Asperger's Syndrome. Was he right?

#SXSW 2015

Willie Nelson Live Performances Everyone Should Know

By | 3 Comments

In anticipation of Wille Nelson SXSW performance, let's look at some of his best live moments.

#Bob's Burgers

Ranking The Best Secondary Characters On ‘Bob’s Burgers’

By | 14 Comments

Zeke? Regular-Sized Rudy? Tammy? There can be only one!

#South Park

All The Things Mr. Garrison From ‘South Park’ Taught Us That No Other TV Teacher Would

By | 6 Comments

He had some controversial ideas, but he always great at helping young minds grow.

#Breaking Bad

The Walter White Memes That Live On

By | 2 Comments

Walter White sure did inspire some creativity among the people of the internet.


Why Aasif Mandvi Should Be The Next ‘Daily Show’ Host: A Case In 5 Clips

By | 11 Comments

For nine years, Mandvi's witty, insightful commentary has been an essential part of 'The Daily Show.'

#Family Guy

These ‘Family Guy’ Cutaway Gags Are The Best ‘Family Guy’ Cutaway Gags

By | 30 Comments

'Family Guy' has made the cutaway a staple of its humor, but which flashbacks were the best?


The Four ‘Futurama’ Movies, Ranked

By | 14 Comments

Four feature-length 'Futurama' films have been made. Which is the best?


Five Times ‘SNL’ Was Way Edgier Than The ISIS Sketch

By | 14 Comments

'SNL' has not shied away from joking about controversial topics over the years.

#The Simpsons

Exploring ‘Trilogy Of Error,’ The Most Ambitious ‘Simpsons’ Episode Ever

By | 20 Comments

'Trilogy Of Error' is a hilarious, ambitious episode, but it's not without its plot holes.

#The Office

These Classic ‘Office’ Moments Are Proof That Dwight Schrute Can Survive Anything

By | 2 Comments

Dwight wasn't the most friendly person at Dunder-Mifflin, but his survival skills were unmatched.

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