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These ‘Simpsons’ Episodes All Would Have Worked As A Series Finale

By | 22 Comments

Had 'The Simpsons' ended with any of these episodes, it would have gone out with a bang.


Remembering The Time Artie Lange Destroyed Joe Buck On ‘Joe Buck Live’

By | 33 Comments

When Artie Lange appeared on the pilot episode of 'Joe Buck Live', Buck had no idea what he was in for.

#The Simpsons

‘Simpsons’ Characters You Might Not Know Were Voiced By Hank Azaria


Azaria is the most versatile voice actor on 'The Simpsons.' Can you name ALL of his characters?


The Times We Could All Relate To Ted From ‘Scrubs’

By | 8 Comments

Ted was the perpetual sadsack of 'Scrubs,' but somehow he survived. These moments are the times when we could all feel his pain.

#Parks And Recreation

The Mouse Rat Songs Every ‘Parks And Recreation’ Fan Should Know

By | 7 Comments

Was Mouse Rat the greatest band of all-time? Probably not, but they were still awesome.

Iggy pop

Search And Destroy: Iggy Pop’s Most Volatile Live Performances

By | 3 Comments

Iggy pop is a raw, energetic live performer, and these clips capture him at his best.


Why Gene From ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Is The Perfect Role Model


He always has a wacky one-liner for us, and his "never take life seriously" attitude seems to work quite well for him.

2015 NBA Playoffs

Playoff Pining: 5 Players We Wish Were In The NBA Postseason This Year

By | 7 Comments

While the NBA playoffs should be a lot of fun, these entertaining players will be sorely missed.


Why All ‘Futurama’ Fans Loved Philip J. Fry

By | 6 Comments

He wasn't the smartest guy in the world, but his heart was always in the right place.


‘In Living Color’ Sketches Everyone Should Know

By | 27 Comments

The sketches that made "In Living Color" one of the must-watch shows of the early 90s.


Amy Schumer Comedy Routines Everyone Should Know

By | 6 Comments

Amy Schumer is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in comedy. Stand-up bits like this are the reason why.


Remember That Time Howard Stern Went On Letterman And Absolutely Destroyed Jay Leno?

By | 7 Comments

In 2011, Howard Stern went on David Letterman's show and absolutely ripped Jay Leno to shreds.

#The Simpsons

These Classic ‘Simpsons’ Episodes Will Never Be Available On DVD

By | 18 Comments

These episodes are modern classics, but you'll never get to own them in the physical format.

louis ck

Examining The Cultural Impact Of One Of Louis C.K.’s Best Routines

By | 15 Comments

Louis C.K. cut off a man in traffic. The rest is history.


‘American Dad’ Episodes That Show The Evolution Of Stan Smith


How Stan's right-wing politics evolved over the run of the show, and eventually became less important.


‘Rump Shaker’ And Others Songs You Didn’t Know Pharrell Wrote (Or Co-Wrote)

By | 7 Comments

Pharrell has written countless hit songs over the past two decades. Can you name of them all?

#Family Guy

‘What About That Novel You’re Workin’ On?': A Look At Brian Griffin’s Writing On ‘Family Guy’

By | 16 Comments

For 13 seasons on 'Family Guy," Brian has been trying to succeed as a writer. But does he have any actual talent?

#The Simpsons

‘Do It For Her': 5 ‘Simpsons’ Episodes That Made Fans Cry

By | 24 Comments

Exploring the biggest tear-jerkers in 'Simpsons' history.


Looking Back On Marvin Gaye’s Greatest Live Performances

By | 4 Comments

Gaye was a brilliant live performer, and these live clips are strong evidence of his talent.

#Family Guy

‘Shut Up, Meg!': Exploring The Art Of Turning A Character Into A Punching Bag

By | 20 Comments

Many sitcoms have a character that everyone hates, but what's the best way to approach this phenomenon?

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